Everyone says that hockey is 90% mental, but how much time do you spend training your mental game? Individualized training provides athletes with the mental skills necessary to give them the mental edge.

All individual sessions will be completed with Certified Mental Performance Consultant, Bailey Thompson, M.S.. They will be approximately 45 minute (+/-10) sessions and will take place at an agreed upon location or via zoom.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Intake Form. Once completed, email to Bailey@maphockey.net
  1. Select your pricing – 1 credit is equal to 1 session.
  2. Once you’ve purchased credits, they will appear in your player account where you can view the available times to sign up for your Individual Session.

Please note the location of each session as it may vary. If you would like to schedule a different location or via zoom, please email Bailey@maphockey.net


1.00 Credit

1 Individual Session

4.00 Credit

4 Individual Sessions Package

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a Sport Psychology session?

Because each athlete is unique, Sport Psychology sessions will also be individually tailored to the needs of the athlete. That being said, each session will have the same general goal in mind: to understand the athlete’s experience and support them in their desire for growth. Through this process, various mental skills and tools may be employed to assist the athlete’s goals.

Who can benefit from Sport Psychology?

Anyone who performs can benefit from the values of Sport Psychology. Whether you are an athlete, entrepreneur, musician, student, etc, the ability to achieve optimal performance and well-being is not lost on anyone. In individual sessions, we are able to tailor Sport Psychology principles to aid you in any, or all, areas of your life.

What if I am not ready to meet someone face-to-face yet?

Everyone’s path to optimal performance is unique to them! Although we believe that the most growth comes from individual sessions, we do have online resources available to help you grow your own knowledge of Sport Psychology topics. Please email Bailey@maphockey.net for more information about these resources. We are happy to support you face-to-face whenever you are ready.

Do you have remote options available?

Yes! For any performers who are out-of-state or would prefer remote sessions, we do have zoom options available. Please email Bailey@maphockey.net to schedule an online session.

Can parents join their athletes in sessions?

Yes. However, most athletes prefer a one-on-one setting with the consultant. That being said, parents are able to join in on sessions. We are also able to schedule sessions with only parents, or schedule specific sessions to be group sessions which will include both the athlete and parents.

Can you provide mental health services?

No. As we are only certified to work with mental performance, we are not able to service diagnosable mental health concerns at this time. We do have relationships with other mental health practitioners should the need for referral present itself.

What other mental performance services do you offer?

We provide team sessions to any associations who are interested in enhancing the mental performance of their team. We can also work with coaches to develop their own mental skills. Finally, we are also available for consultation in an organizational environment.

If you have any further questions, please contact Bailey Thompson, M.S., CMPC at Bailey@maphockey.net