Sport Psychology

MAP Hockey is proud to partner with PREMIER SPORT PSYCHOLOGY

Premier Sport Psychology, PLLC helps athletes on and off the field. We provide mindset training and counseling services to professional, Olympic, elite, collegiate, high school, amateur, recreational, and youth athletes, as well as musicians, actors, performers, and business professionals. We also work with the University of Minnesota Athletic Department, providing sport psychology services to 750+ student-athletes. Our mission is to help athletes reach optimal performance, mental health, and enjoyment in their sport and life endeavors.

Premier Mindset Program

This interactive eLearning program will provide our players the necessary mental skills training to enhance their performance, speed the learning of new skills or schemes, accelerate growth and skill mastery, and manage the obstacles, setbacks, or crises associated with high-level performance.

As a member we are excited for you to learn how to focus, manage your stress, regulate your emotions and optimize your Performance.  The Mindset Program will help by guiding you, with the support of our coaches, through 6 key components of the Mindset.

Premier Mindset Program along with live workshops are included for all T1 and older members as part of your Membership.

All Futures Members will receive live workshops on three age appropriate topics during their program.

The Athletic Coping Skills Inventory 28 (“ACSI-28”) is a highly validated assessment that measures an athlete’s psychological coping skills in seven key areas. Developed by Smith et al. (1995), the ACSI-28 helps guide athletes who are interested in gaining more understanding and clarity around these mental skills that can impact performance. Athletes will answer a series of twenty-eight questions surrounding different psychological components of performance. Based off the athletes results, they will receive an individual report developed by our licensed sport psychologists at Premier Sport Psychology.

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