Our Futures Program is for our players who have the ability to become future MAP students. We are looking for top U12 goalies who love being at the rink and are interested in becoming students of the game. The Future Campers and their families get the chance to experience The MAP before they decide to apply to become a Full Time Member during their High School Season.

Each training session will consist of (3) 20 minute segments. First 20 minutes will be devoted to fundamental movement and save techniques, the focal point of this time will follow the types of situations the goalie will encounter later in the hour. The second 20-minute segment will consist of flow drills and shots from the goalie’s peers under the watchful eye of the goalie coach. The final 20 minutes will consist of a competitive game or scenario based on the focal point of that day.

*Example Tips and Screens would be a theme the goalie coaches would work on in the first 20 minutes. The drills in the second 20 would consist of tips and screens, the final 20 would award extra points for scoring on a tip or screen.

Research has supported this method of training as the most efficient way to expose skills in a way that athletes will retain them. In addition, this method tends to bring a high level of engagement from the goalies.

When: The Futures Membership will run from June-September 2nd

Schedule: The Futures summer schedule will be a 3.5 hour afternoon block Monday-Thursday (around 1:00-4:00pm). Thursdays will generally consist of games.

Futures Membership Day Includes:

1 Hour of on-ice skills training- Goalie Coach on-ice for all sessions
1 Hour of off-ice speed and strength training
1 Hour of goalie specific off-ice skills

Additional MAP Features include:

Off-Ice Testing
Nutrition Webinars
Mental Skills Classroom
Competitive small area games
FHIT Academy access
*Members receive unlimited credits for the duration of the camp


There is a 2 step process to becoming a MAP Member for the MAP Season.
1. Application: We are no longer receiving applications for the 2023 MAP & FHIT Season. However, if you would like to inquire about traininoptions or about the 2024 season, please reach out to one of our becampuses:
Kari (Hudson) –
Skylar (Plymouth/STMA) –
Jenny (Blaine) –
Kirby (Blaine) –
2. Purchase