Off-Ice Figure Skating Training Program
In conjunction with The National Sports Center Skating School

FHIT Performance figure skating training is designed to improve skill specific techniques through learning proper jumping and landing mechanics, plyometric exercises, and body strengthening exercises. Furthermore, the training program will enhance specific skills through core strengthening, balance work and stability exercises.

The main highlights of the program include developing full body strength and lower body explosive power, implementing dance and figure skating specific training, providing injury prevention of common figure skating injuries, and improving cardiovascular conditioning that is specific to the needs of figure skaters. Together, these goals work to sustain a healthy, strong and conditioned body that is full prepared to support the demands of the upcoming figure skating season.

To properly achieve these goals, the program will be periodized into different phases, each with a specific training goal. The training goals are designed and placed to support and build off each subsequent goal, and to create the most positive training effect. A brief description of the training phases is outlined below.


Analyze athlete’s fitness levels, introduce strength and conditioning training and create a strong full-body foundation for a successful training season.

Improve muscular strength to support the demands for the sport, create body extremity placement awareness, and increase neuromuscular activation during plyometric exercises.

Increase intensity of training for both strengthening and conditioning, as well as emphasize sport-specific fitness development in preparation for upcoming season.