Summary: The Strength and Conditioning Lead instructor is responsible for establishing and maintaining our culture as well as a level of focus and output for our members to include motivation, teaching, and providing nutritional guidance all with the three major goals of improving athletic performance, reducing athletic injuries and teaching lifelong fitness and movement skills in mind.

Purpose: Provide an amazing training experience with developmental progress in Strength and Conditioning and athleticism


WINTER acquire part-time staff/intern for busy seasons; attending in-season games with focus on retention of current members; research equipment as needed; provide off-ice training for various hockey associations; provide small group training (SPQ);

SPRING/SUMMER/FALL lead training groups daily: provide value-added feedback for every training session; track no-call/no-shows; facilitate testing for members; building relationships with the members; constant re-evaluation of programs and adjusting as needed; provide small group training (SPQ); troubleshoot app issues (logging in, Max Testing input); setup facility at the beginning of the day; check integrity of equipment; close up facility at the end of the day (including putting away all equipment); clean the facility on a daily/weekly basis; checking trash cans to maintain cleanliness; minor First Aid; communicate to families behavior/physical issues;

Scope and Limits:

SCOPE responsible for day-to-day athlete development in the training facility, ensuring part-time staff/interns are educated on how to facilitate the training program, make corrections to incorrect form, and positively reinforce athletes.

LIMITS: No scheduling; no approving time-off requests; no ADP;

Mental effort: Problem solving; knowledge of FHIT Performance App functionality; Ability to troubleshoot potential app issues; motivate/encourage members; participate in Premier Sport Psychology seminars; develop processes to keep athletes engaged and focused in the training facility; athlete behavior management;

Physical effort: Actively training up to 10 groups per day; assemble and move equipment; ability to demonstrate exercises, ability to appropriately spot athletes;

Working Conditions: A fun, safe, challenging training environment. Hours include 2PM-10PM during Spring, Fall; 3PM-9PM during Winter; 6AM-8PM during Summer.

Qualifications: degree in exercise science/kinesiology or similar; CPR/AED/First Aid certification

Compensation: $43,000-55,000 per year, bonus, and health benefits eligible