Family Advising


MAP Advisors consist of former NCAA Div. I, Div. III coaches, as well as former USHL, NAHL, WHL general managers, coaches, and scouts. We have fostered trusted working and personal relationships from Midget AAA to NCAA Div. 1 throughout North America. We are people that the next-level coaches depend on to provide opportunities for their teams and our families.

We perform our responsibilities with integrity and complete transparency. What differentiates us from most consultants/advisors is that we are former coaches in the driver’s seat to decision-making. We have worked closely on-ice and in the weight rooms with the athletes who have gone before you and know and understand the nuances of the hockey landscape at the next level.

Our staff and resources at MAP Advisors is simply unmatched. We are composed of experienced consultants and mentors with over 105+ years of working professionally in hockey with established relationships across North America.  MAP Advisors was created to provide specialized advising and development to players and families to help them navigate the various hockey and education options. At the same time, saving families countless hours and expenses. 

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To provide each player and family with honest, comprehensive feedback and education about the next level. In addition, we strive to provide unprecedented access to resources our advisors and partners can provide exclusively to our families. 

Can MAP Advisors Serve You?

provide clarity and direction for families to make educated decisions

Our services were created to provide clarity and direction for families to make educated decisions on their child’s future. If you are confused or frustrated with trying to understand the Junior and College Hockey landscape, then our expertise could be just the service for you. 


Some of the Services We Provide

  • Game evaluations and academic profiles to determine ideal leagues and teams
  • Academic planning, management, and NCAA clearinghouse preparations
  • Player marketing and promotion
  • Game clips and NHL-level analytics dashboard
  • Exclusive on and off-ice development programs
  • Nutrition and Vo2Max consulting
  • Ongoing mentorship by former junior and college coaches Mental Skills training
  • Mental Skills
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